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CXO – Job Announcement

Are you ready to make a difference in the world of Customer Experience?

Our future Chief Customer Experience Officer (CXO) will consistently accomplish the goal of keeping Iute customers happy and creating extraordinary customer experience (CX).

The CXO is an executive who drives the company’s growth in the CX area. He must continuously evaluate business practices, methods, and strategies to improve customer interactions as well as boosting the trust in Iute’s brand.

Required Skills & Competencies:

  • Higher education in business administration, marketing, public relations, economics, or other related field.
  • Working experience in executive or senior management roles, especially in Product management, Project management or Customer Experience would be an advantage.
  • Growth-First Mindset. The CXO must effectively convey ideas and concepts to various audiences (marketing, sales, the C-suite, etc.).
  • Team-player. Manage the company’s CX strategy in a collaborative, hands-on manner.
  • Acting on Data. The CXO must understand business intelligence and analytics tools. The CXO will work with business leaders to determine which measures best capture the company vision, monitor performance against specified standards, and make the required course corrections.
  • Fluency in English required.


  • The CXO role’s primary goal is to monitor the current experience delivered to customers and continually innovate the brand experience to exceed customer expectations and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Regular Review. Regularly evaluate and review CX performance metrics, voice of the customer initiatives, and company processes.
  • Tracking customer experiences across online and offline channels, devices, and touchpoints.
  • Improve customer retention and Increase customer lifetime value. The CXO must identify customer needs and take proactive steps to maintain and improve positive experiences.
  • Develop feedback surveys: NPS, Mystery shopping.
  • Executive Cooperation. The CXO works side by side with C-level managers to ensure that CX processes integrate into daily operations of the product development.

Apply NOW! Send your CV to hire@iutecredit.md and we look forward to meet you!