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Our future Internal Audit Manager will ensure and oversee the implementation and the efficiency of principles and standards of the Internal Audit Department’s activity of IuteCredit Moldova (ICM).

Expected Duration of Assignment: 12 months (person on leave replacement).

Responsibilities but not limiting to:

  1. Submit, at least annually, to Supervisory Board a risk-based internal audit plan for review and approval.
  2. Review and adjust the internal audit plan, as necessary, in response to changes in ICM’s business, risks, operations, programs, systems, and controls.
  3. Communicate to Supervisory Board any significant interim changes to the audit plan. Reports to ICM CEO & IuteCredit Europe Group Internal Auditor.
  4. Establish and ensure adherence to policies and procedures designed to guide the Internal Audit Department.
  5. Evaluates the framework of policies, practices and procedures constituting the system of internal control of all the units of the ICM.
  6. Ensure the principals of integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and competency are applied and upheld.
  7. Conducts special investigations and takes proper actions, in cases of possible damage to the ICM and the Group’s interests; suspected fraud or instances of irregular activities by executives or employees of the ICM and/or the Group; serious accusations by employees and third parties submitted directly to the Division or Management.
  8. Communicates with the external auditors and regulators, when and if deemed necessary.
  9. Monitor the implementation of Internal Audit recommendations, measure the effectiveness of the improvements.

Required Skills & Competencies

  1. Higher education in auditing, economics, finance/accounting, risk management or other related field.
  2. Working experience with a focus in internal auditing, finance, controlling or similar activity. Previous work experience with consumer credit or other field of finance is considered as plus.
  3. Good knowledge of the internal regulative framework into force; knowledge on the banking and non-banking financial entity’s local legislation; knowledge of the International Standards on Auditing.
  4. Acting on improvement. Ability to plan and organize the everyday job effectively, flexibility, strong communication skills and ability to interact with all levels of management and employees, the ability to serve in an independent manner while providing value – added audit services to improve the operations and safeguard of the Entity’s assets.
  5. Proficiency in English required.
  6. Ability fortraveling.

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